Our Services

Accounting, Tax and Auditing

Somos uma Empresa de Contabilidade, Fiscalidade e Auditoria, em Luanda, Angola.

Accounting and tax returns are indispensable tools for the management of any company today.

In RC Accounting, we undertake the following:

  • Processing and entry of all accounting documentation.
  • Issuing of explanatory financial statements and the respective sending by email, fax or regular mail
  • Mapping (monthly and accumulated)
  • Simulation of Results
  • Ledger Balance Sheet
  • Analytical Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Delivery of statement of withheld corporate/income tax;
  • Aggregation of results from the close of the accounting year and submission of mandatory tax statements and respective appendices
  • Coordination and guidance on all tax matters (VAT, corporate tax, income tax, stamp duty, account payment and special on account payment, and others)

Are you searching for an Accouning partner in Luanda, Angola?

Our general accounting fees are indexed to turnover (sales and/or services provision) in the last full financial year. We want to be your Accounting Company in Angola.

Human Resources

To keep up with your company’s growth, you may have to hire employees. We therefore present our Human Resources module so that you do not have to worry about managing your human resources/employees.

RC-Accounting offers various services in the area of managing human resources:

  • Personnel Management
  • Payroll Processing (monthly)
  • Sending of pay slips at a later date
  • Sending of social security payment maps via Internet (monthly)
  • Coordination of income tax and integrated social security contribution (TSU)

Our general human resources management fees are indexed to the number of active employees.